What is Bach Thu Lo? How to Check the White Hand in Lottery at New88

The concept of winning the lottery is very familiar to lottery enthusiasts up to now. Let’s learn how to catch the white lottery at bookmaker New88vinet through our article below.

What is Bach Thu?

The word bai thu is quite strange to many new people because this word is usually only used in lotteries, lotteries, and gambling games. In fact, this is a word formed from spoken language, not recorded in books.

This term is used according to Nom script and appeared around 1962 in the North. After the Thu Do Lottery Company was established, this word has been widely used nationwide to this day.

Lottery is a way of playing in which participants need to have good judgment skills and proactively finish in just one time. To put it simply, participants only need to play a single bet to determine victory or loss, no need for a second round.

Thus, the player will bet on a single lottery number with a small investment capital. However, if you win, the amount of money the player will receive will be a lot. This way of playing requires participants to have a strong mentality and good judgment. Those are necessary to synthesize judgments and choose a number with the highest accuracy.

Convenience points and limitations when playing lottery

This method of catching lottery has many convenient points, so it is often used by many players.

Conveniences when playing lottery numbers

When participating in catching lottery numbers, players will notice some advantages of this method:

  • Less capital: Instead of investing in many lottery numbers, you only need to invest in one lotteries.
  • High winning rate: Every day the Northern lottery results will have 27 prizes from special prize to seventh prize. Thus, the win rate of the single-player lottery will be higher when you play two-player lottery or spread lottery.

Limitations when using the white-card lottery method

Playing methodBach Thu lottery Not for players who want to play the lottery safely. Because although the reward rate is quite high, this way of playing has a low probability of winning. If players want to participate in winning the lottery, they must accept risks.


Specific payout rate when winning the lottery

Once you have a basic understanding of the concept of the white lottery, the next thing players need to understand is how to win this lottery. The bonus rate will be different for each bookmaker and region. Specifically:

  • Northern lottery: One lottery point is equivalent to 23 thousand. When you win, you will receive three times the amount of 80 thousand.
  • Southern Lottery: One lottery point is equivalent to 16 thousand, when you win you will win five times that is 80 thousand.
  • Central Lottery: One lottery point is equivalent to 13.5 – 15 thousand. When you win, you will win five times, which is 80 thousand.

Because there are differences when playing lottery in three regions, players who play in any bridge need to learn more carefully. This way there will be no errors during the calculation process.

The most popular methods of catching lottery numbers today

Currently, experts catch the white lottery using many different methods. However, the most accurate are still the two methods below.

Catch the lottery by using the diamond-shaped formula

When this situation appears, take the opportunity immediately because the rate of winning the white hand will be very high, up to 90%. That is, there is still a chance of missing, but the chance of hitting is very large.

This specific method of scanning is as follows: You take the results of the consecutive prizes of the third or fourth prize and the fifth prize arranged in a vertical row. At this time, if you get two diamond-shaped positions, play the white lottery the next day.

For example: If you combine three consecutive prizes of the first three prizes on the first day, you get:

  • 06269
  • 20376
  • 60782

So the next day you bet on 06 or 60 and will definitely come back.

Method to accurately determine double lotteries

In this method, you can pick a double white lottery with a dumb head or a dumb tail.

  • Based on dumb numbers: Look up lottery results and find out the dumb numbers of the day. Then wait to see if the double of that head explodes in the next two days. If this head does not come out, it will continue to be cultured for about four more days. Usually this pair will explode from the first or second day.
  • ┬áBased on the silent ending: Similarly, see if the results are silent and wait the next days to see if the double number of that silent ending comes or not. If it doesn’t come out and has one more day, the double’s head is also dumb, you start raising it for four days.


Above is information about the white lottery and effective methods of catching the white lottery. You can refer to and apply to verify accuracy. In addition, there are still many other ways to catch the white lottery. You can find out in other articles of New88 Wishing you good luck and catching the correct number of white players.

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