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Boost Efficiency and Precision with SZJ Automation’s Smart Production Line Solutions

With a strong focus on laser technology, SZJ Automation empowers businesses to achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency, precision, and quality. By leveraging laser technology for cutting, welding, engraving, and marking processes, SZJ Automation revolutionizes automation equipment, driving the advancement and adoption of automation technology across industries.

Laser Technology for High-Precision Cutting and Welding

SZJ Automation’s smart production line solutions incorporate laser cutting and welding technology, enabling high-precision processing of various materials. This technology finds widespread applications in battery manufacturing, including battery lug cutting, battery electrode cutting, battery lug welding, liquid-filled hole welding, battery top cover welding, battery module welding, and more.

Laser Engraving and Marking for Precision Surface Processing

SZJ Automation’s smart production lines also integrate laser engraving and marking technology, enabling high-precision processing of material surfaces. This technology is widely used for creating logos, patterns, two-dimensional codes, and other intricate designs. Laser engraving and marking provide a non-contact and non-destructive method for achieving precise and permanent markings on various materials.


SZJ Automation’s smart production line solutions, powered by laser technology, redefine efficiency, precision, and product quality in automation equipment. The integration of laser cutting and welding technology enables high-precision processing of materials, enhancing production efficiency and ensuring exceptional product quality. Laser engraving and marking technology further enhance surface processing, providing precise and permanent markings for improved identification and traceability. By adopting SZJ Automation’s smart production line solutions, businesses can unlock the full potential of laser technology, driving the development and application of automation technology while achieving unmatched levels of accuracy and efficiency.

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