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Unleash your creativity with Light Sky’s Lunar Beam light fixture. Designed to push the boundaries of lighting design, the Lunar Beam offers exceptional features and performance. Powered by a 421W (LIGHT SKY NSL421M USHIO) lamp and equipped with a robust power system, this beam light fixture delivers impressive results. The Lunar Beam’s high precision lens and adjustable frost angle provide precise control over beam angles and lighting effects. Light Sky’s Lunar Beam is the ultimate choice for professionals seeking to explore new realms of creative lighting possibilities.

Captivating Colors and Dynamic Gobos

With the Lunar Beam beam light fixture, you have a vast palette of colors and gobos at your fingertips. The color options include 1 white color and a color wheel featuring 14 vibrant colors. The quick rainbow effect adds movement and energy to your lighting design. The Lunar Beam also boasts 1 blank gobo, 11 gobos, and 3 animation range options, allowing you to project captivating patterns and images. Whether you’re lighting a concert, theatrical production, or corporate event, the Lunar Beam’s color and gobo capabilities will transport your audience to a world of visual delight.

Mesmerizing Effects and Precision Control

Light Sky‘s Lunar Beam takes your lighting design to the next level with its mesmerizing effects and precision control. The 8 prism options, 16 double prisms, and prism combinations offer endless possibilities for creating breathtaking visual displays. The high precision groups of agglutination optical lens ensure sharp and precise beams, while the adjustable frost angle allows you to customize the light’s softness and create enchanting wash effects. The Lunar Beam’s effects and precision control capabilities give you the freedom to craft unique lighting experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Light Sky’s Lunar Beam beam light fixture is the key to unlocking your creative potential in lighting design. With its captivating colors, dynamic gobos, mesmerizing effects, and precision control, it empowers you to create immersive and unforgettable lighting experiences. Whether you’re a lighting professional or an enthusiast, the Lunar Beam offers the tools you need to bring your vision to life. Elevate your lighting experience and explore new realms of creativity with Light Sky’s Lunar Beam beam light fixture.

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