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Hanshow Lumina Edge: Transforming Retail with Dynamic ESL Tags

Hanshow Lumina Edge, the unique shelf-edge digital marketing screen series, revolutionizes the retail landscape by transforming static shelf displays into vibrant and eye-catching points of sale. With its innovative features and capabilities, the ESL tag Lumina Edge offers retailers new marketing opportunities and targeted promotions, while providing customers with a fresh and memorable shopping experience.

Enhanced Marketing Strategies and Automation

Retailers can leverage Lumina Edge’s features to categorize promotions and set them to be automatically displayed at certain times. This ESL tag’s functionality is particularly useful for promoting products that are not selling well or increasing purchases of top-selling items. With easy integration into backend content management systems, Lumina Edge enables fast and automated display updates, ensuring that retailers can keep their marketing strategies fresh and relevant.

Seamless Integration and Customizable Solutions

Hanshow provides a complete solution with Lumina Edge, including hardware, software, accessories, and tailored sizes and appearances. The FHD display with over a 178-degree viewing angle ensures continuous visibility as customers walk by. With a lifespan of over 30,000 hours, Lumina Edge offers long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for retailers.

Synchronized Content and Creative Video Marketing

Lumina Edge enables multiple screens on multiple shelves to synchronize their content, creating a cohesive and immersive visual experience for customers. For product brands, Lumina Edge becomes a powerful tool for in-store marketing, enhancing sales and branding through creative video content directly at the physical point of sale. With its eye-catching displays and dynamic capabilities, Lumina Edge captures customers’ attention and helps drive sales for both retailers and brands.


Hanshow Lumina Edge represents a game-changing solution for retailers seeking to elevate their marketing strategies and enhance the shopping experience. By combining the functionalities of electronic shelf labels and dynamic content display screens, Lumina Edge empowers retailers to boost sales, engage customers with captivating promotions, and create a memorable brand experience at the shelf edge. With its seamless integration, customizable solutions, and creative video marketing capabilities, Lumina Edge is at the forefront of transforming retail environments worldwide.

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