Enhancing Pig House Lighting with Hontech Wins’ LED Solutions

Hontech Wins, a reputable LED light supplier, has successfully implemented their innovative LED lighting solutions in a pig house project in the Netherlands. With their HT-T12AC25W12FD T12 LED pig farm lighting, designed specifically for pig houses, Hontech Wins has optimized the lighting environment to benefit pig welfare and enhance overall farm performance.

Tailored LED Lighting for Pig Houses

The HT-T12AC25W12FD LED pig farm lighting supplied by Hontech Wins offers the perfect lighting solution for pig houses. With a length of 1200mm and a power rating of 25W, these LED lights provide efficient and reliable illumination throughout the pig farming facility. The neutral white light with a color temperature of 4000K creates an ideal environment for pig growth, ensuring optimal performance in the pig house.

Efficiency and Durability

Hontech Wins’ LED pig farm lighting is designed to meet the specific requirements of pig farming. These lights are not only energy-efficient, resulting in cost savings, but also built to withstand the demanding conditions of pig houses. The HT-T12AC25W12FD lights are easy to install and maintain, ensuring a hassle-free lighting solution for pig house owners and operators.

Trusted LED Light Supplier

Hontech Wins has established itself as a trusted LED light supplier, delivering high-quality lighting solutions tailored to the needs of pig farmers. Their commitment to product innovation, quality control, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the industry. By choosing Hontech Wins as their lighting partner, pig farmers can rely on their expertise and experience to optimize pig house lighting and enhance overall farm performance.


Hontech Wins’ successful pig house lighting project in the Netherlands showcases their expertise in providing tailored LED lighting solutions for the pig farming industry. With their HT-T12AC25W12FD LED pig farm lighting, Hontech Wins has optimized the lighting environment to enhance pig welfare and improve overall farm performance. As a trusted LED light supplier, Hontech Wins offers reliable and innovative solutions for pig farmers seeking to optimize their pig house lighting. Choose Hontech Wins as your partner and experience the benefits of their high-quality LED lighting solutions in your pig farming operation.

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