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Barcode Scanner Manufacturer: SmartMoreInside’s Innovative Code Reader | VS2000

Businesses rely on effective and dependable data capture and management solutions in today’s fast-paced technological world. This is where a trustworthy barcode scanner manufacturer like SmartMoreInside comes into play, with their QR code and barcode scanners designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses. Among their impressive offerings is the Code Reader | VS2000, which stands out with its high resolution and expansive field of view.

Code Reader | VS2000: High Resolution and Large Field of View

SmartMoreInside’s Code Reader | VS2000 is equipped with a state-of-the-art 2448*2048 global exposure image sensor. This innovation results in a large field of view, which is more than five times larger than previous models. This significant expansion in the field of view enables the Code Reader | VS2000 to excel in barcode reading across extensive surfaces, making it a top choice for businesses with diverse scanning requirements.

Ultra-High-Speed Focusing

One of the standout features of the Code Reader | VS2000 is its ultra-high-speed focusing capabilities. Thanks to its distance sensing unit, this barcode scanner can detect the precise distance from the target object to the lens. With just a few samples, it swiftly and accurately completes the focusing task. This makes the Code Reader | VS2000 the ideal tool for rapid on-site detection, boosting efficiency and productivity.


As a reputable barcode scanner manufacturer, SmartMoreInside demonstrates their commitment to innovation and excellence with the Code Reader | VS2000. With its high resolution, large field of view, and ultra-high-speed focusing capabilities, it’s a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their data capture processes.

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